On The Go.

Sea-Monkey On The GO Kit

3 Fun Activities you can do with your Sea-Monkey Pets!

1. Coach your pets to maneuver the turns and speed full throttle through the finish line with the Speedway Challenge. Sea-Monkeys will actually race up-stream by instinct, the first to the finish line wins! Set includes 2 racetracks, racing flags, start and finish gates.

2. Our Aquarium Watch is a traveling home and attention-getting display for your favorite Sea-Monkeys. Five-function digital watch has a rugged, water-filled bubble that can hold one or two adult Sea-Monkeys for up to 24 hours!

3. Our Aqua Maze is two toys in one. The tank side is a mini aquarium that can hold 1 or 2 adult Sea-Monkeys for up to 24 hours. The other half is a cool electronic game to a-maze your friends.

Includes everything you need to start: water purifier, instant life eggs, growth food, and an Aqua-Leash™ for transferring your pets. Use your own container or one of our many fantastic tanks to make their permanent home.

Ages 6 and up

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