Robo Diver.

The Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys and their Mystery "Robo-Diver"™

With a gentle push of the compression tank cover, send the RoboDiver down to feed your Sea-Monkeys or for a bit of extra fun try landing the diver on the white landing zone.


Sea-Monkeys are guaranteed to hatch & grow for two years Magical ROBO-DIVER Compression Tank Top Added Value. Try landing Robo-Diver on the white landing zone Everyday Aero-vent™ tank cover with magnifier will allow for better viewing and easy feeding Trilingual packaging & instructions: English, French and Spanish Benifits:

Sea-Monkeys are great first pets Teaches children Responsibility Life cycles Pet care Biology Environmental Science Includes:

Pouches (Water Purifier; Instant Live Eggs, Growth Food), Calibrated Feeding Spoon, Compression tank top, Robo-Diver Aero-vent tank cover with magnifier, Aqua-Leash™, Pipette and Instructions.

Ages 6 & up

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